Brothers and Sisters, welcome to the 1st annual blog of the Church of Veronica Ogle of Latter-day Sinners! Haha, this time I am making fun of General Conference! (That's a Mormon thing too, look it up!) So you're probably wondering why I am calling this blog the Latter-day Sinner. Well, that title happens to be the title for one of my stories, which is about Mormons violating their Church laws, whether it'd be the Law of Chastity or the Words of Wisdom. And its funnier than dog poop to me!  

Anyways, I'll talk about my day so far. Its been an OK one. I really hated walking to the mailbox this morning with athlete's foot, but since I have been too lazy the past couple of days to go down there, I decided today's the day! The rest of the day today, I have been working on this website ( a real pain in the butt, if you ask me!) Tonight, I will probably do my usual. Go on Reddit or watch Hogans and then go outside at that magic 8 o' clock hour. Afterwards, I'll go to bed and have crazy dreams about people in my life.          

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